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   The resort village Kiten is situated in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast, 55 km southeast of the center of the region the town of Bourgas, 5 km south of the municipal center Primorsko and 12 km northwest of the center of the neighbour municipality Tzarevo. The resort lies to the north of the mouth of the river Karaagach /the Kitenska river/ and part of it on the small peninsula Urdovizaà

   Its shores are sheer and 10-15 m high. The peninsula is about 120 m long and from 60 to 80 m wide. The strip of land that joins it with the continent looks like a neck and is very narrow no more than 40 m. Now a great part of the village resort spreads out of the peninsula.

   Very romantic is the picturesque nature beauty and the two comfortable, cozy beaches: the northern Atliman and the southern Karaagach. Between them, a peninsula with the mystic name Urdoviza, cuts deep into the sea.

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